BASIC Bank Limited. Serving people for progress

BASIC Bank Limited  has adequate resources, both human and physical, to provide the customers with the best possible services.

Physical and technological resources
A great deal of investment for developing the physical resource base of the Bank has been made. The Bank has its presence in all the major Industrial and Commercial hubs of Bangladesh. At present, there are 72 (seventy two) conveniently located branches of the Bank throughout Bangladesh. Major features of these branches are:

  • Fully computerized operated under online core banking system.
  • Well decorated air conditioned facilities.
  • ATM service.
  • Secured LAN and WAN connectivity.
  • Money counting machine for easy and prompt cash transactions.
  • 16 (sixteen) authorized dealers branches of foreign exchange for quick disposal of export and import trade transactions.
  • Own website.

Human resources
BASIC Bank provides an environment where multi-layer manpower comprising professionals and support staff are treated with respect, just and equality. The Bank focuses on attracting, developing and engaging best talents. Hence, the Bank has a well-diversified pool of human resources with sound academic knowledge and enriched professional experiences. At the end 2019, total number of employee of the Bank was 2,097.

BASIC Bank believes in human capital development by improving and enhancing capabilities of the work-force through on-the-job and class room training. To maintain the advantage of having skilled work-force, BASIC Bank Training Institute (BBTI) conducts various training courses and workshops for officers and executives of the Bank adopting structured modular training programs. With a view to achieving professional excellence in banking, a total of 681 employees attended seminar, workshop and training programs at BBTI during the year 2019.

Recruitment of New Officers
The Bank follows a strict recruitment policy in order to ensure that only the best candidates are recruited. For fresh recruitment, comprehensive written test and viva voce are being conducted through "Bankers' Selection Committee" of Bangladesh Bank. In 2019, the Bank recruited 42 fresh employees from different academic background.

Monetary / Financial Resources

BASIC Bank Limited is unique in its objectives. It is a blend of development and commercial banking. Once treated as one of the soundest banks in Bangladesh it takes pride in itself as the pioneer in financing to small and medium scale industries, being inspirited by its Memorandum with a stipulation that 50 percent of loanable fund shall be invested in Small and Medium Scale industries.

Like any other financial intermediaries, BASIC  Bank Limited is no exception in performing its core functions viz. mobilization of fund and utilizing such mobilized fund for profitable purposes. 

A. Mobilization of fund 
The main sources of fund for the Bank are:
             1.   Deposit, and
             2.   Borrowing 
1.   Deposit 
Deposit is the mainstay of the Bank's sources of funds. Following usual practices, it collects deposit through:
    a.   Current Deposit
    b.   Bills Payable
    c.   Savings Deposit
    d.   Term Deposit
    e.   Scheme Deposit

Apart from deposit, BASIC Bank Limited received funds from : 
Bangladesh Bank
    b.   Asian Development Bank (ADB)
   c.   KfW, a German state-owned development bank. All of these funding sources are for relatively longer period. Receiving the credit lines from ADB and KfW has been a recognizing of the Bank's highly satisfactory performance.  


B. Utilization of Fund
BASIC Bank Limited utilizes its funds in accordance with its organizational goals and corporate strategy. Main use is for lending to industrial and trade sectors. Maintenance of cash and statutory liquidity reserve with the Bangladesh Bank covers 18.50 percent of demand and time liabilities. Placement of funds in Nostro Accounts to handle foreign trade and investment in money and capital market is also done as usual.

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